Awad Elkish (1945-2018)


born in Benghazi, Libya


in the late 1960s training in photography, camera-work experience at WDR / Köln

cameraman and documentary filmmaker for the Libyan Television


eight-years stay in Vienna, scholarship


studies at Viennese Film-Academy


Low- budget- documentary-films about social themes:


muslims in Vienna,


youth corrections in Austria,


portrait of a blind shepherd


director, trainer and head of the production-department at Libyan Cinema Organisation


cofounder of a new department of film and television at media-faculty of University of Tripolis


additional studies at University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna


practitioner at the Austrian NLP-Training-Center in Vienna

production management for german tv-productions in Libya

coworker for projects of Deutsche Welle Akademie

cultural guide in the Libyan desert and on the countries historical grounds

support of intercultural communication

coworker and protagonist for the films  FATA MORGANA and LAMPEDUSA by Peter Schreiner


protagonist in leading role for the film GARDEN by Peter Schreiner




Awad Elkish died unexpected in Tripolis, 28th of october 2018.

We are very sad to have lost a decades-long confidant, who applied his energies a whole lifetime to understanding between arabic and european culture.


Awad Elkish GARDEN film by Peter Schreiner
Awad Elkish, June 2017, Vienna (photography by Sandra Spindler)
Awad Elkish
Awad Elkish, May 2010, Libyan desert
Awad Elkish
Awad Elkish, May 2010, Libyan desert